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Done for You Charcuterie Kits

Your mouth waters as you eye the dazzling arrangement that looks much too pretty to eat. The large beautifully arranged platters containing an assortment of colours are created from smoked meats, cheese and crackers, sweet jellies, salty olives and fresh fruits.

Charcuterie is one of those platters that are perfect for any gathering, no matter how small or large. Because there is so much opportunity for customization, the charcuterie will satisfy all the flavours you crave with something for everyone. But, when you see the options available to you, how do you know where to begin?

This combination is one of our favourites for the charcuterie newbie! When you don’t know what you want, our DIY Charcuterie Kit provides you with a selection of our most popular meats so you don’t have to limit your options and we can pair it with some of our favourite cheese recommendations for your party platter.

Sealed packaged of smoked meats
DIY Charcuterie Kits

The charcuterie kit includes our very own smoked meats combining a variety of flavours to create a platter to please all palates! For a traditional sausage flavour, our summer sausage provides the familiarity and comfort of childhood traditions. Satisfy your sweet and savoury preferences with a mix of traditional sausages and salamis, to provide a range of smoky and tangy flavours to even adding spicy meats if desired. Though it includes a serving of organic cheddar, our favourite cheese recommendations include a cave-aged gruyere or Comte cheese and a double creme brie, to provide a hard and soft cheese selection. For something unique and flavourful, the balsamic bellavitano is always a crowd-pleaser adding a sweet, nutty and fruity flavour to the platter.

And for the eats, we would add Kranks Cranberry Sage Jelly and the Smak Dab White Wine Herb Mustard to round out the mix.

Three jars of cranberry sage jelly
Kranks Cranberry Sage

Three jars of mustard
Smak Dab White Wine Herb mustard

The beauty of charcuterie is that there are no hard and fast rules so you have the opportunity to experiment and mix flavours to find the combinations you favour. And we are here to help you match your favourite wine and meats with our recommendations for the perfect cheese pairings. At Luc’s European Meats, we aim to be your local source for high-quality meats, cheeses and eats! Let us know how we can help you create the perfect charcuterie.

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